Sunday, February 8, 2015

Is Your Neighborhood Radio Shack Closing?

You may have heard that Radio Shack has declared bankruptcy, and will close lots of stores across the country.  If you're like me, it's probably not such a big deal, as Radio Shack is hardly a part of my shopping routine anymore.

But there is an element of nostalgia for those of us in our mid-50's: Radio Shack used to be a cool place to go, when electronics were not as pervasive as they are today.  There are some other reasons we remember Radio Shack in its later years, too, of course, as reflected in this tweet:

Despite the data on the store closings is still interesting, I think, but not in a long list of stores. I downloaded the data and cleaned it up (it was very messy) to take a look at where the closing stores are located, and what type they are. Is your local Radio Shack on the list?  It's easy to find out:

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